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Square Deal B and Related Accessories

This page contains everything required to begin reloading in general with Dillon's Square Deal B Reloading press, including press options and other general reloading accessories.

Please read before ordering a Square Deal B
I almost always recommend Dillon's RL 550B over the Square Deal B for your first progressive reloading machine for several reasons:

  1. The Square Deal B only loads straight-wall pistol cases!
  2. Dies are included; however, they only fit the Square Deal. No other dies will work.
  3. It doesn't have the leverage, overall strength, or long-term reliability of the RL 550B.
  4. It's small, and a little cramped to work on and load with.

In most cases, the RL 550B is a better choice for your first progressive machine. If you've loaded on a friend's Square Deal and liked it, however, then it might be fine for you. As long as you'll never want to reload rifle cartridges. More details in Which Dillon.

Add a Caliber to a Square Deal B

Note: Pictured with optional Strong Mount, Bullet Tray & Low Powder Sensor

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Click the links below for Pics or more info in my Dillon FAQs and Which Dillon?

Dillon Square Deal B Reloading Press
$384.95     What is included with the Square Deal?

Dillon Stainless Case Gages - Pistol
$15.45     Checks loaded ammo for proper dimensions

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Square Deal B Machine Options
  Strong Mount $64.95     Square Deal pic above has Strong Mount/Bullet Tray
  Empty Case Bin $24.95     Requires S.M. Mounts Empty Cases near Shellplate
  Bullet Tray $41.95     Must have Strong Mount to use Bullet Tray
  Low Powder Sensor $41.95     Sounds audible alert when powder is low

Square Deal B Accessories
  Primer Flip Tray $20.95     Flips primers "right side up" for pickup tubes
  4-Pack Pickup Tubes, Small Primer $23.95     380, 9mm, 38 super, 38 Sp, 357Mag/Sig, 40 S&W
  4-Pack Pickup Tubes, Large Primer $23.95     10mm, 44 Mag, 45 ACP/Colt
  4-Pack Pickup Tubes, 2 Sm/2 Lg $23.95     Definitely buy extra Pickup Tubes - See size above
  Square Deal Instructional DVD $19.95     New for Square Deal in '08
  Toolholder w/Wrench Set $26.95    Inc. Bench Wrench (below) and 6 ball-end Hex Keys
  SqD Bench Wrench  $8.95     New Style Wrench fits Dies and Powder Measure
  SqD Deal Maint/Spare Parts Kit  $35.95     Spare Parts Kit (below) plus oil
  SqD Deal Spare Parts Kit  $21.95     Saves you the down-time should a small part break
  SqD Deal Machine Cover  $23.95     It also fits the RL 550B

Scales, Calipers, Reloading Manuals Pro-digital Scale   $159.95     Resolution: .02 grain! - LIFETIME warranty
  Dillon D-Terminator Digital Scale   $139.95     Resolution: .1 grain - one-year warranty
  D-Terminator Scale Cover $14.95     Only fits Dillon's D-Terminator Scale
  Eliminator Scale $69.95     Traditional balance-beam style scale Digital Caliper $38.95     Recommended, fast and easy to read
  Dillon Precision Dial Caliper  $28.00     Work fine, but slower, more difficult to read
  Lyman #49 Manual $24.95     Widest variety of load data
  Speer #14 Manual $29.95    Good treatise on essentials of reloading 

Case Preparation
  CV-750 Vib Case Cleaner $144.95     Capacity: 650 38 Special cases. Has CV-2001's motor!
  CM-500 Media Separator $47.95     500 Series recommended for first purchase
  CV-2001 Vib Case Cleaner   $188.95     Very Large - Capacity: 1300 38 Special cases
  CM-2000 Media Separator $75.95     It's big! (18" x 22")
  Dillon Case Lube  $8.95     Works good; try Hornady's "One Shot," for pistol
  Rapid Polish  $8.95     Polishes cases so they look like new

Square Deal B Caliber Conversions
$86.95     Inc.: Dies, Shellplate, Powder Funnel, Locator Buttons

Square Deal B Toolheads / Quick-Changes Toolheads
  Sq. Deal Toolhead (inc. Powder Die) $31.95     Allows leaving Die adjustments intact
  Square Deal Quick-Change Toolhead $99.95     Includes Powder Measure with Toolhead
  Square Deal Powder Measure $76.95     Makes a great gift for a "Toolhead Only" friend
  Square Deal Toolhead Stand $24.95     Not much to add on this one

Out of Stock List

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