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Dillon Pistol & Rifle Dies - Case Gages

Dillon Precision Reloading Dies, individual Dies, and Case Gages can be easily ordered from the tables below.

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Dillon Carbide Pistol Dies: 3-Die Sets
  32 S&W/H&R Magnum $64.95 All Dillon's pistol die sets feature a carbide resizing die (including 357 Sig).

I highly recommend Dillon's carbide pistol dies for all their progressive reloading machines.

Dillon's Carbide Sizing Dies feature a radiused opening designed especially to work with progressive reloading machines.

Dillon's Seating Dies feature a revolutionary design that allow quick disassembly for cleaning. Many who don't buy Dillon's Dies initially return to buy them later.

  380 Auto $64.95
  9mm $64.95
  38 Super/38 Supercomp $64.95
  38 Special/357 Magnum $64.95
  357 SIG $137.95
  9 x 25 Dillon $137.95
  40 S&W/10mm $64.95
  41 Magnum $64.95
  44 Special/Magnum $64.95
  45 ACP/GAP $64.95
  45 Colt/454 Casull $64.95
  Spare, Pistol Die De-priming Pins $5.75 10-pack: Fits Dillon Pistol Dies Only
  RCBS Pistol Dies  

Individual Dillon Pistol Size, Seat & Crimp Dies - Bench Wrench/1" Lock Rings
  Sizing Die: 380 Auto, Carbide $27.45 Dillon's Carbide Sizing Dies feature a radiused opening designed to work with their progressive reloading machines.
  Sizing Die: 9mm, Carbide $27.45
  Sizing Die: 38 Super/Supercomp $27.45
  Sizing Die: 357 SIG $104.95
  Sizing Die: 38/357 Mag, Carbide $27.45
  Sizing Die: 40 S&W/10mm, Carbide $27.45
  Sizing Die: 44 Spec/Mag, Carbide $27.45
  Sizing Die: 45 ACP, Carbide $27.45
  Sizing Die: 45 Colt/454 Casull $27.45
  Seating Die: 380 Auto $25.45 Your "other brand" 3-die set probably seat and crimp in the same die. So:

Add a Dillon Seat Die to your "other brand" dies, so you can seat and crimp in separate stations: Remove your seating die's stem so it only crimps - then seat separately with Dillon's Seating Die.

Or you can accomplish the same goal by doing what's below:

  Seating Die: 9mm $25.45
  Seating Die: 38 Super/Supercomp $25.45
  Seating Die: 357 SIG $28.45
  Seating Die: 38 Sp/357 Mag $25.45
  Seating Die: 40 S&W/10mm $25.45
  Seating Die: 44 Spec/Mag $25.45
  Seating Die: 45 ACP $25.45
  Seating Die: 45 Colt/454 Casull $25.45
  Redding Competition Seat Dies  
  Taper Crimp Die: 380 Auto $24.45 Add a Dillon Crimp Die to your "other brand" dies, so you can seat and crimp in separate stations: Back off your Seat/Crimp Die in the Toolhead so it doesn't crimp, then adjust the seating depth - then crimp separately with Dillon's Crimp Die.
  Taper Crimp Die: 9mm $24.45
  Taper Crimp Die: 38 Super/Comp $24.45
  Taper Crimp Die: 357 SIG $27.45
  Taper Crimp Die: 38 Sp/357 Mag $24.45
  Taper Crimp Die: 40 S&W/10mm $24.45
  Taper Crimp Die: 44 Spec/Mag $24.45
  Taper Crimp Die: 45 ACP $24.45
  Taper Crimp Die: 45 Colt/454 Casull $24.45
  1" Bench Wrench  $7.95     Fits Dillon Dies and Powder Measure - very handy
  1" Bench Wrench & 5, 1" Lock Rings $9.95     Put using Dillon's 1" Lock Rings on other brand's Dies
  5-Pack of 1" Dillon Lock Rings  $4.15     Convert your Dies to fit Dillon's Bench Wrench

Dillon Rifle Dies, Steel & Carbide, Individual & 3-Die Sets
  223 3-Die Set, Steel $67.95     Recommended for recreational use
  223 3-Die Set, Carbide $163.95     Commercial use (typically) - Requires case lube!
  30 M1 Carbine 3-Die Set, Carbide $104.95     Dillon carbide size, seat, and crimp die
  308 Win 3-Die Set, Steel $67.95     Recommended for recreational use
  308 Win 3-Die Set, Carbide  $169.95     Commercial use (typically) - Requires case lube!
  30.06 3-Die Set, Steel $67.95     Recommended for recreational use
  30.06 3-Die Set, Carbide $275.95     Commercial use (typically) - Requires case lube!
  300 Blackout 3-Die Set, Carbide $173.95     Requires case lube!
  223 Sizing Die only, Steel  $41.95 All Rifle Dies require Case Lube!

Carbide Rifle Dies are only recommended for commercial loading environments (50,000+ rounds/year).
  223 Sizing Die only, Carbide  $136.95
  308 Sizing Die only, Steel $41.95
  308 Sizing Die only, Carbide  $149.95
  30.06 Size Die only, Carbide $224.95
  223 Crimp Die only $27.55 Dillon individual rifle crimp dies are typically purchased for use with non-Dillon brand dies, so you can then seat and crimp in separate stations.
  308 Crimp Die only $27.55
  30.06 Crimp Die only $28.55
  Universal De-capping Die $26.95     Deprimes all pistol and rifle brass
  Dillon Rifle Die De-capping Pins
  223 Rem. De-cappping Pin $3.99  
  308 Win. De-capping Pin $3.99  
  30.06 De-capping Pin $3.99  
  Universal De-capping Die Pin $3.99 Also fits Dillon's (now obsolete) 270 Size Die
  Redding Rifle Dies  

Dillon Case Gages: Pistol & Rifle
  380 Auto $15.45 Case Gages are a "go/no-go" gage for a loaded round. Or in other words, if a loaded round drops all the way into the Case Gage, it will fit in your handgun's chamber.

Dillon's Stainless Steel Case Gages are made to SAMMI minimum chamber dimensions and are accurate to within plus or minus .001" - which allows you to quickly check all critical dimensions of your loaded ammunition, including maximum overall cartridge length and base diameter.

  9mm $15.45
  38 Super/Supercomp $15.45
  38 Special $15.45
  357 Magnum $15.45
  357 Sig ("LE Wilson" brand) $36.00
  40 S&W $15.45
  10mm $15.45
  44 Magnum $15.45
  45 ACP $15.45
  45 GAP $15.45
  45 Colt $15.45
  223 Remington $26.95 Dillon's rifle Case Gages measure the distance from the head of the case to the middle of the shoulder, assisting in proper resizing die adjustment.
  308 Winchester $27.95
  30.06 $28.95
  LE Wilson Rifle Case Gages  

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