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SL 900 Shotshell Reloader

Dillon Precision's SL 900 Shotshell Reloading Press features easily adjustable, case-activated powder and shot systems that eliminate troublesome bushing changes along with spilled powder and shot. The powder measure is the same proven design used on their metallic cartridge reloaders, renowned for its accuracy (within one-tenth of a grain) and consistency. It will also safely load black powder for SASS Cowboy shooting. The new adjustable shot dispenser uses the same design principle, with an extra large hopper that holds 25 pounds of shot.

The frame is a heavy duty O-frame design, precision CNC machined to exacting tolerances. Switching from loading one gauge to another is easy, because the SL 900 features Dillon's famous interchangeable toolhead design. The toolhead assembly simply slides out of the frame, keeping all your critical die and measurement adjustments intact.
It's feature's include:

  • Automatic Indexing
  • Automatic Powder Dispensing and Priming System
  • Automatic Casefeed System
  • Adjustable Case-Activated Shot System
  • Factory Adjusted to Load AA Hulls
  • Tilt-Out Wad Guide

Below you'll find the SL 900 with or without the Casefeeder, accessories, and conversions.

Download Dillon's SL 900 Manual (PDF, Latest Version)

Note: Pictured with Casefeeder and Low Powder Sensor

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SL 900 Shotshell Loader WITH Casefeeder
  SL 900 in 12 gage w/Casfeeder $1159.90     With Casefeeder
  SL 900 in 20 gage w/Casfeeder $1159.90     With Casefeeder
  SL 900 in 28 gage w/Casfeeder $1159.90     With Casefeeder

SL 900 Shotshell Loader WITHOUT Casefeeder
  SL 900 in 12 gage w/o Casefeed $929.95     Without Casefeeder
  SL 900 in 20 gage w/o Casefeed $929.95     Without Casefeeder
  SL 900 in 28 gage w/o Casefeed $929.95     Without Casefeeder

SL 900 Accessories and Casefeeders
  SL 900 Package Deal $199.95     Inc. Lyman manual, safety glasses, Dial Caliper,
    Eliminator Scale, Low Powder Sensor, Cover
  SL 900 Machine Cover (& 1050) $39.95
  SL 900 Spare Parts Kit $26.95     Saves you the down-time should a small part break
  SL 900 Low Powder Sensor $41.95     Sounds audible warning when powder is low
  SL 900 Powder System $76.95     Complete Powder System
  SL 900 Casefeeder - 12 gage $229.95     Casefeeder Only
  SL 900 Casefeeder - 20/28 gage $229.95     Casefeeder Only
  Casefeed Plate 20/28 ga. $42.95  

SL 900 Conversions
  SL 900 12 Gage Conversion $359.95     Required to convert to 12 gage
  SL 900 20 Gage Conversion $359.95     Required to convert to 20 gage
  SL 900 28 Gage Conversion $359.95     Required to convert to 28 gage

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