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XL 650 Press and Related Accessories

Please read before beginning an order:

  • This page has everything required to begin reloading with Dillon's Xl 650
    press - in the first caliber.

  • Add calibers to a 650 press on the CONVERSION PAGE.
XL 650 press

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XL 650 Press
Case Gages
Machine Options
Machine Accessories
Scales - Calipers - Manuals
Case Preparation

650 EZ-Buy Packages - Why don't you have them?

Note: Before ordering an XL 650, please review my Dillon FAQs and Which Dillon?

Print a Checklist for an XL 650 Order (opens new window)

Add a Caliber to an XL 650 Press (Includes everything required to add calibers to an XL 650 Press)

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Click the links below for Pics or more info in my Dillon FAQs and Which Dillon?

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Dillon XL 650 Reloading Press
   $566.95     DIES must be PURCHASED SEPARATELY
What is included with the caliber selection for the 650?

Caliber Not in Menu?  
 "Exotic" calibers often require additional items such as XL Powder Die,  Magnum Rifle Powder Bar, etc. Order an XL 650 in an "Exotic" Caliber

Dillon Dies: Carbide, Pistol & Rifle 3-Die Sets
   $64.95     All Dillon Pistol and Rifle Dies (easy ordering table)

Dillon Case Gages: Stainless, Pistol & Rifle
   $15.45     Checks loaded ammo for proper dimensions

Enter a Qty. next to desired items, below -

XL 650 Casefeed Assembly (inc. Casefeed Plate)
  NOTE: Only buy 1 Casefeed Assembly, then for additional calibers, Casefeed Plates ARE HERE
  Casefeed Assembly: Pistol, Small $219.95     380/9mm/38 Super/40 S&W (40 works w/Sm or Lg)
  Casefeed Assembly: Pistol, Large $219.95     38Sp/357Mag, Sig/40 S&W/10mm/44/45/7.62x39
  Casefeed Assembly: Rifle, Small $219.95     223/22 Hornet/204 Ruger
  Casefeed Assembly: Rifle, Large $219.95     22-250/243/308/30.06/45-70

XL 650 Press Options
  "As It Should Be" Upgrade $128.95     650 only Strong Mount/Bullet Tray/Alum Roller Handle
  Strong Mount (650 Only) $45.95     Raises press 6.5" off bench, highly recommended
  Strong Mount (550 or 650) $48.95     Fits 550 and 650, raises press 8.5" off bench
  Bullet Tray, Fits 550 and 650 $41.95     Must have Strong Mount to use Bullet Tray
  Roller Handle, Aluminum handle $45.95     Typically favored over plastic handle
  Roller Handle, Plastic handle $40.95     Saves a few bucks over aluminum handle
  Powder Check System $68.95     Checks for both not enough or too much powder
  Low Powder Sensor $41.95     Sounds audible alert when powder in measure is low

XL 650 Accessories
  Primer Flip Tray $20.95     Flips primers "right side up" for pickup tubes
  4-Pack Pickup Tubes, Small Primer $23.95     9mm, 38 Super, 38-357Mag/Sig, 40 S&W, 45 GAP, 223
  4-Pack Pickup Tubes, Large Primer $23.95     10mm, 44 Mag, 45 ACP/Colt, 243, 270, 308, 30.06
  4-Pack Pickup Tubes, 2 Sm/2 Lg $23.95     Definitely buy extra Pickup Tubes - See size above
  Toolholder w/Wrenches $29.95     Inc. Bench Wrench (below) and 6 ball-end Hex Keys
  1" Bench Wrench (inc. w/Toolholder)  $7.95     Fits Dillon Dies/Lock Rings and Powder Measure
  1" Bench Wrench & 5, 1" Lock Rings $9.95     For using Dillon's 1" Lock Rings on non-Dillon Dies
  650 Press Instructional DVD  $19.95     Recommended if you've never loaded w/650
  650 Maintenance & Spare Parts Kit  $39.95     Spare Parts Kit (below) plus oil
  650 Spare Parts Kit  $25.95     Saves you "down time" See what is included
  650 Machine Cover  $39.95     Fits over 650 with a Casefeeder
  Universal Mounting Kit $5.49     Mounting hardware: NOT NEEDED w/STRONG MOUNT

Scales, Calipers, Reloading Manuals Pro-digital Scale   $159.95     Resolution: .02 grain! - LIFETIME warranty
  Dillon D-Terminator Digital Scale   $139.95     Resolution: .1 grain - one-year warranty
  D-Terminator Scale Cover $14.95     Only fits Dillon's D-Terminator Scale
  Eliminator Scale $69.95     Traditional balance-beam style scale Digital Caliper $38.95     Recommended, fast and easy to read
  Dillon Precision Dial Caliper  $28.00     Work fine, but slower, more difficult to read
  Lyman #49 Manual $24.95     Widest variety of load data
  Speer #14 Manual $29.95    Good treatise on essentials of reloading 

Case Preparation
  CV-750 Vib Case Cleaner $144.95     Capacity: 650 38 Special cases. Has CV-2001's motor!
  CM-500 Media Separator $47.95     500 Series recommended for first purchase
  CV-2001 Vib Case Cleaner   $188.95     Very Large - Capacity: 1300 38 Special cases
  CM-2000 Media Separator $75.95     It's big! (18" x 22")
  Dillon Case Lube  $8.95     Works good; try Hornady's "One Shot," for pistol
  Rapid Polish  $8.95     Polishes cases so they look like new

Optional Items
  Bullet Puller  $29.95     For safely pulling bullets from loaded rounds
  10-pack Pistol Die De-priming Pins $5.75     Spare De-priming Pins for Dillon Pistol (only) Dies
  Competition Reloading DVD $19.95 650 is featured, but loading tips are not press-specific

Add a Caliber to a 650 Press

Out of Stock List

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