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Ron Avery's - Secrets of a Professional Shooter

Professional pistol competitor and instructor Ron Avery's 3-part series - "Secrets of a Professional Shooter," are now available on DVD. Ron is a Grandmaster in both IPSC Open and Stock classes, and a world class instructor and competitor. Ron is well known for his in-depth analysis of ALL the techniques used successfully not only in competition, but in self-defense scenarios as well.

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Secrets of a Professional Shooter - Part 1

In Part 1, Ron depicts the essentials of safe gun handling, the developement of shooting stances, the natural action stance, components of the shooting grip, what it takes to shoot a handgun rapidly and accurately, the six essential elements of shooting, and the secret of the "shooting cycle."

Other topics include:
  • Historical overview of the shooting stance
  • Stability, Mobility, Balance, and Natural point of aim
  • Components of the shooting grip
  • The elements of shooting, including:
  • Sight alignment and pause concept
  • See what you need to see concept
  • Isolate action of the trigger concept
  • Let recoil happen concept
  • Call the shot concept
  • Follow through concept

74 minutes

Secrets of a Professional Shooter - Part 2 & 3

In addition to more in-depth coverage of concepts introduced in Part 1, Part 2 includes The Weaver and the Modern Isosceles shooting stances, training tips to reduce your response time, and world-class drawing techniques.

Additional techniques include:
  • The concealed draw
  • Trigger manipulation skills
  • Application of Practical Skills

In Part 3, Ron covers: Tactical reloading skills, Strong hand and support hand shooting, Close Quarter shooting, Position shooting, Rifle Kneeling, Shooting on the move, and Multiple Targets.

Other topics include:

  • Comparison between the speed or tactical reload
  • Focal continuum
  • Standard and rollover prone
  • Barricade positions
  • Shooting Drills - Dot drill
  • Full speed demo

63 minutes (part 2)
55 minutes (part 3)

Order the the Complete Series for just $93.95

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