Dillon XL 650 and related first purchase outline

Please review the Dillon FAQ before ordering, then email or call if you still have questions.

Please print this page to double check your order

Recommendation Level
  X Required to reload ammunition
  R Recommended
  SR Strongly Recommended
  I Improves machine's function and performance
  ? On the fence -  Don't personally use it but many say they love it
Machine, Options & Accessories
  X XL 650 Reloading Press
  X Dies
  SR Casefeeder
  SR Strong Mount
  SR Bullet Tray (must have Strong Mount)
  SR Roller Handle
  R ? Powder Check System
  ? Low Powder Sensor
  SR Primer Flip Tray
  SR Extra Primer Pickup Tubes
    Maintenance and Spare Parts Kit
  R Spare Parts Kit
  X Electronic or Balance Beam Scale
  X Electronic or Dial Calipers
    Reloading Manuals
  R Case Cleaner and Media Separator
  R Case Lube
  R Bench Wrench (Not needed if you buy the Toolholder below.)
SR Toolholder w/Bench Wrench and 6 ball-end Hex Keys (New Item)
  R Case Gage
  Press Instructional DVD  "R" Only if you've never reloaded