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Cooks needed for the largest Inland River barge Company

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Posted 28 October 2009 - 05:51 AM

My Company, Ingram Barge Company, is in need of Cooks for our towboats. Male or Female, some type of restaraunt or cooking experience is needed. We have women who raised or grew up cooking for large families, and culinary school graduates and even a Master Chef or two.
Your schedule would be either 21 days on and 21 days off, or 28 days on and 28 days off(plenty of time to hone up those shooting skills). You would be responsible for supplying 3 square meals a day, breakfast at 5, lunch at 11 and supper at 5. Crew size is 9-11 people including yourself. Starting pay is just under $30k/yr for your 6 months of work. You are paid every 14 days, whether on or off the boat. A safety bonus is paid every quarter. Matching 401k is based on years of service, starts at 25% and maxes out at 100% and the company, at it's descretion, may deposit additional funds at times. Medical, dental and eye care coverage is provided at low cost, family members are included. Dependent students are covered until 24 years of age. The working enviroment is very relaxed. You would be responsible for meal planning, ordering stores, budgeting($4500/month) and meal preperation. Also for cleaning up the dishes, pots, pans from meals. The galley and dining room areas are kept clean by the crew members. Travel expenses to and from your home port is paid @.55c/mile plus applicable meals.
I have worked on the river from the age of 17(32yrs) and can't imagine doing anything else. 6 months work with 6 months paid vacation every year is very nice. My dad worked 60 continous years out here and all of my brothers, several uncles and my Mom as well have worked on the river. My son is contemplating a river career as well after the Navy(go USS Bainbridge!).
Ingram Barge Company is the largest waterways carrier on the inland rivers. It is a privately held company owned by the Ingram family of Nashville Tennessee. They run this company like a huge, close knit family. After hurricane Katrina, they loaded small house trailers onto flat deck barges and had them hauled to N.O. so that associates and their families would have somewhere to live. Then gave low interest loans to help rebuild. During the ice storm that shut down power and services for weeks in the center of the country Ingram bought every generator they could get their hands on. If you worked for them, all you had to do was sign your name to get one, free of charge. When the crisis passed, you could buy the generator, if you wanted to, interest free with the money taken out of your pay over many months. They sent paid employees all around Paducah to help clean up the damage at associates homes. We will get a raise this year, how many companies are doing that?

Apply online @ www.ingrambarge.com
Hiring is based in Paducah, KY
1000 S. Third St.
Paducah, KY 42003

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