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.223 Bullet Drop Rates

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#1 jessej


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Posted 17 July 2003 - 02:44 AM

Hi guys,
How much would a .223 bullet drop at 200 yards when my zero is set at 100 yards? :huh:
Using a 24 inch 1x8 twist barrel with 62 gr federal matches.
Thanks alot for the info and help.

#2 KAL


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Posted 17 July 2003 - 03:33 AM

Not that much at all, .223 is pretty flat shooting out to around 300 meters for the lighter bullets. I would think around 1 1/2 inches of drop if that. But don't take ballastic charts for granted they are a guide. You have to go out and shoot it and make your self a range card,
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#3 gm iprod

gm iprod

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Posted 17 July 2003 - 04:00 AM

Assuming 3000fps as per Sierra reloading manual a 62gr Match bullet will drop 3.42" at 200y and 13.28" at 300y.

If you sight in 1.75" high at 100yards then you will be zero at 200 and drop only 8.14" at 300y.

I have found that sighting in 2" high at 100 is more realistic and I hold / adjust for exactly 6.5 of drop at 300.
My rifle is a 23.5" Tikka velocity is 3350 with 55gr Moly Sierra BTHP. If the Federal are a Match Bullet ie BTHP then your rifle will shot a "similar" trajectory.

KAL is right you must shoot the rifle in at those ranges, to know for sure what the actual drop is.
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#4 George


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Posted 17 July 2003 - 09:23 AM

I use the Sierra 69gr & 77gr in .223, and with a 200 yard sight in (recommended zero for all round IPSC rifle shooting) I am on at 40yds, 1.5" high at 200, and around 7" low at 300yds.

55 gr loads will typically be on at 50yds, about 1"ish high at 100yds, and 6" low at 300yds with a 200 yd zero.

The 62gr will probably split these differences.

If possible, do your zeroing at 200 yards from a prone shooting position, because that is how you will most often be shooting at that distance in competition. Then check the point blank offset, and 25-50, and 100 to verify where they are, and you are good to go.

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#5 jessej


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Posted 17 July 2003 - 10:25 AM

Thanks alot guys! You guys hit it right on the mark.
Being fairly new to rifle shooting, this is a totally new experience.
I have a 200 yard match in about a week.
Will go to the range tomorrow. :)
Thanks again for all the advice. You guys rock!

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