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Shooting 40 S&w In A 10mm Kimber

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#1 jedb


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Posted 18 April 2006 - 02:07 PM

The one and only mag that came with this handgun will not accept factory
10 mm loads. The OAL is too long so as you load it up the ammo binds up in the magazine
preventing it from feeding. Has Kimber mis-marked any single stack 40 mags or is this just a freak quality glitch. Also what damage can be done if I do shoot 40's out of this gun.
Thanks Jed B.

#2 TDean



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Posted 18 April 2006 - 06:22 PM

The mags should be the same 10mm/40sw?

How long are the factory 10mm's?

Are you sure it's not follower binding. Have you taken the spring and follower out and try to drop the 10mm rds in?
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#3 encoreman


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Posted 18 April 2006 - 08:47 PM

Hey Jed, A friend shot some .40's out of a 10mm Delta I believe and it didn't cycle well and really funked up the primers. The .40 uses small pistol primers, the 10mm use large pistol primers. I wouldn't recommend shooting them. Mac

#4 A38337


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Posted 19 April 2006 - 02:08 AM

I shoot .40 out of my Colt DE quite often.

Normal length .40 doesn't work well, lots of failure to feeds.

If loaded to 1.200 or greater OAL it works great.

10mm oal is 1.250 to 1.260

#5 jedb


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Posted 19 April 2006 - 06:43 AM

The mags should be the same 10mm/40sw?

How long are the factory 10mm's?

Are you sure it's not follower binding. Have you taken the spring and follower out and try to drop the 10mm rds in?

Thanks for the help guys, the hydra shok measures 1.251 oal. I am going to tear the mag down later. I brought some 40 loads I shoot in an STI that are 1.230".
Thanks again

#6 L9X25


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Posted 19 April 2006 - 06:54 AM

The reason for the ugly primers is that the case is "headspacing" on the extractor and not the barrel.

The firing pin drives the case forward, as far as the extractor will let it go, before the primer ignites and then the case slams back into the breechface (crushing the primer) as the round goes off. The primers can look similar to a case with extreme pressure problems, although that is not usually the case.
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#7 itento


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Posted 02 May 2006 - 09:09 AM

Jeb, First of all, don't shoot .40 Cal in a 10 MM barrel. These rounds headspace on the empty cartridge length, not the overall length of the loaded round. Putting a .40 in a 10mm means that the round is not properly supported in the chamber and would be dangerous.

I have been shooting 10mm and .40's for a while and leanded a couple important lessons about feeding, magazines and power factors. First, I found that .40 cal rounds at factory length don't feed 100 percent in 1911 geometry guns including SV and STi's. The round is just a little shot and tends to hang up occasionaly. Secondly, a 10mm round feeds well in the same type of guns but binds in the magazine. Espicially true of fat nosed bullets (180 gr or above).

I have fixed both problemas by loading my .40 cal rounds long (1.220 OAL) and my 10mm rounds short (1.25 OAL.) I have absolutely no problems with case feed failures or being able to load magazines to full capacity. (Note: this only applies to 1911 style guns). My 10mm loads are loaded with 135gr Nosler JHP's and I load my .40 with Zero 180gr JHP. You might have to work loads up since the long loads will have decreased pressure and the shortened 10mm loads will have increased pressure.

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#8 shooting4fun


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Posted 04 May 2006 - 08:29 PM

G'day Jedb, and et al.,

There was a thread on 10mm conversions on another forum. [Going the other way. P-16/40 to 10 mm] The comment was that the OAL for each caliber was very significant. I believe the gent who had the most knowledgeable comments was Bob Hunter from Hunter Custom Guns. Might be helpful to reference information on his web site regarding the conversions and possible OAL loading considerations.

On a parallel note, I've launched a few 40 SW out of my Glock 20 (10mm) successfully. I was simply verifying that it could be done, not advised for the reasons already posted on head spacing. I did not experience any issues with primer deformation in my very limited testing. I did purchase a conversion barrel which allows me to shoot 40 SW with the proper chamber support. It is one of my preferred setups for go fast mode. So far the only slight negative I've found is that with the shorter 40 SW rounds don't always sit to the rear of the magazine which makes limited use of the witness/index holes. Just have to look extra close to see how many rounds are on board the magazines when setting up in between stages.

Best of luck to ya. Cheers!
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#9 andrewcolglazier


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Posted 09 May 2006 - 05:03 PM

Shooting4fun, which aftermarket barrel did you get? I just ordered a KKM.. is that what you are using?

Andy C.

#10 Steve Moneypenny

Steve Moneypenny

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Posted 12 May 2006 - 03:28 PM

i have shot more 40's than 10mm's out of my witness 10mm simply to verify that if i run out of 10mm ammo In a pinch I can shoot 40's

Also don't forget how the followers are set up in your magazines how they point the bullet has a lot to do with how it ends up at the feed ramp.

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#11 Entropy


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Posted 24 September 2006 - 04:36 PM

One person's opinion on .40 in 10:


Personally I wouldn't but you've got to make your own decision.
- Phil

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