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Wish list of Rule changes

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Posted 25 April 2013 - 01:28 PM

It would be nice to see the scoring system change to neutralize/failure to neutralize only. No minus zones. Penaltyonly for failure to neutralize. It would make scoring even simpler.

Do away with the 10 round limit on magazines. Having a higher capacity gives you an advantage in R/L, therefore it should be allowed in the game.  Instead make a more practical limit by overall magazine length.  Like basepad extensions no more than 7 or 9mm from the bottom of the grip (not including a mag well).  Or say a 138 or 141mm overall length limit kind of thing.  At least something "practical" so as to not grossly imprint under your uber cool fishing jacket as you sit at the card table waiting to engage the half dozen cardboard terrorists behind the big blue barrels...  Because everyone knows you can't play poker without a fishing vest...


Allow lasers and lights, as long as they can be holstered...  I'm seriously surprise crimson trace hasn't been up IDPA's butt to make their grip laser's game legal.  I mean if you carry a gun with a laser in R/L, and it gives you a practical R/L advantage, then it should also do so in IDPA.


Allow 10mm, 40sw, 38super, and anything else that you can find factory produced major PF carry ammo for legal in CDP.


Make BUG an official category, for those officer model 1911's, baby glocks, and other subcompact guns.  Where you shoot the same stages as everyone else.  If you get passed up with your 5 shot snubby don't get mad.. tie the old model 60 2" to the trout line and get a new gun to compete with... 


Get rid of stock service revolver... seriously, there are no more departments that issue stock revolvers to officers. You only need one wheelgun division for the few enthusiasts who enjoy the challenge and handicap.  And allow full use of 7 or 8 shot cylinders.  


Make an optional "club gun" division. Mainly to market and appeal to indoor ranges that offer rentals.  This can be the "fair for everyone" category, that is option to each club.  The club owns and possesses several of the exact same make, model of gun with the same sights, triggers, all stock, all out of the box.  The same paddle holsters, ammo, and mag pouches.  All which can vary from club to club, but are the same inclusive to the individual club. Competitors will just show up with their own dress belt, use only the club provided equipment, and purchase the club ammo to compete with.  So everyone in the division is competing with exactly the same gear, there are no advantages, so no one can complain about "its not fair, they have a tungsten guide rod"  If the club or range doesn't have the money to provide for the division, simple enough, they don't offer it.  But you can always tell the guy complaining to go to the next club over who offers it ;)


Also make the holsters and mag pouch rules more lenient.  Allow crossover from USPSA production and single stack divisions.  This will definitely bring more shooters to the matches.

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